Mar 22, 2007
Weekend Comes Again

Weekend is around the corner. And, a classic symptom of an approaching holiday is the massive traffic jams every where. Oh my! City dwellers now spend more time on the road than quality time at home with their kids and families. So, what do we usually do, in a car, with no sign to move forward for even an inch while the engine is bustling, eating up the gas at an alarming speed ? When we turn to our neighbours, do we see, people that we know that we wave away, excitedly ? Or a couple who is taking the quality time in the car to argue ? Or rekindling an old flame ? Or people who talk to themselves ? ( e.g. I used to think that they are crazy before I noticed the blue-tooth devices that hang on their ears - it looks cute...yet it also reminds me of spacemen!)

Hypertension is on a rise nowadays. It just blows your cool when cars cut the queue, the motorcyclists try to squeeze their ways between the cars, and in the process, leave scratches on the newly polished and waxed cars, the pedestrians decide to cross the road when they obviously see that the cars are coming towards them on a gear 5 and to make the matter worse, the police traffic decides to take charge of the traffic flow when , without their presence, the road is surprising not packed up with cars. Go figure!

This is a fate. This is a life struggle. This is a challenge.

-Carrie Writes-

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