Entry: The Meaning of Friendship and Love Mar 23, 2007

There are times in our life when we discover the true meaning of friendship. Friends can come and go, brighten our life with their quirky characters, wittiness and uniqueness. We often laugh with our friends, sometimes, we lean on each other for support and strength. Along the way, there are the ones who betray us. It hurts tremendously. We just pick up the pieces and move on. There is no turning back.

But the most poignant moment of a friendship is the friendship between a man and a woman. Till what extent, they can become just platonic friends? When the friendship crosses the platonic line, will it ever be the same again ?

Some people say when best friends become lovers, they make an exquisite couple. Because they understand each other, they learn about the true colors of each other; because at the beginning, nobody is trying to make the best impression about themselves. They let their guards down, showing off what they are made of. In a true sense, it is the little imperfections in the characters that attract the other party.

But, the saddest moment would be when the relationship that starts off with a friendship falls apart. True, as what some might lament, even if the love does not survive, the friendship can still continue on. But, in real life, it can never happen. After all the hurts and dissappointments accummulated in the relationship, there can never be any clean slate to begin with. We are just human beings who think that we can forgive but we can never forget.......In the end, what we will miss most is the friendship that is lost in the tangles of love.

The hardest part of moving on is not looking back.

-Carrie Writes-.


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