Entry: A Perfect Story Jun 26, 2007

When someone ask me  which story I would consider as a perfect story, I will be dumbfounded...for a short while.

Let me see...

A perfect story, in my perspective, would consist of a hero ( definitely - aren't we all looking for a Mr. Right like the ones in the novels - which of course do not exist in the real world), a heroin ( a subconscious manifestation of the author herself - might also apply to the hero if the author is a male or their alter egos - note: either/or ); aha! Not forgetting the villains plus secondary characters that support the whole story. But, a perfect story will have the XYZ twist if it has the most evil villain of all time.It hits the readers yet it sells - big time.

If we reflect that and mirror it to our life script, it is the same thing. The heroins would be us - ehem!ehem!, the heroes would be the men we choose and obviously....tadaa...the villains - the persons who would not want us to be happy or enjoy life yet thrive on the growing trees of our despair and frustration. Sounds familiar ?

In this context, the villains will always be there...from the time we are born till the day we draw our last breath. And, the key to survival is never give up. And continue hope that life will eventually turn out to be an enriching experience. Insya Allah.

Keep looking at the sun so that you will not see the shadow - Pharaphased from a Hellen Keller's quote.

-Carrie Writes-



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