Entry: Behind the Veil of A Perfect Life Apr 2, 2007

What do we want out of our life ?

A perfect car....A perfect house...A perfect partner....A perfect education........perfect children...a perfect lifestyle of the rich and famous..

Maybe, we used to dream and want all these things when we were growing up. We are always on the edge, looking far beyond the horizon for an achievement...a completeness. The best fruits lie on top of the trees. So, we must never give up but continue to reach for the fruits. We always look for the next train that can bring us to eternity, maybe. We go astray from relationships, from the life we are comfortable with...to search for the meaning about ourselves. What we see in life. What we uphold. Our beliefs. Our principles. Our values.

And, along the way, we have left a trail of broken hearts.

Until one extent, we realize that life is short. There are so many goals in life to be achieved and so little time left. What do we make most out of our life?

I used to work from dawn to dusk. I have once been an over-achiever. To me, a perfect life means being able to work hard for it and reap the rewards later. It is sweet. And, then I realise, life is not all about work. Life is not about just accumulating wealth. Life is more than just a bucket of money. I mellow down. So that I can enjoy the essence of life better. Not all can be measured with money. It is how you feel inside. In the tiny little place called a heart.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart - Hellen Keller.

-Carrie Writes-


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