Entry: Trailing Down The Memory Lane of Writing Apr 1, 2007

Before this amazing blog technology comes into picture, I used to write in diaries. Or notebooks. I write poems. I write parts of a story I hope one day I could publish. I love to write. Maybe the urge to write comes from too much reading.

Even, when I have a fight with a person, I would write in little notes, telling the person what I feel about him..opps. Hehehe. The worst part was when your friends picked up those little notes and laughed about it. I have totally forgotten about it until recently an old friend reminded me of that little incident.

Well, I guess I am a writer in blood. Not until a few months back, I realise from whom I inherit that trait. It is from my mom. I bumped into her diary ( I swear I did not sneak upon her things) and I found wonderful quotes in it and even little notes she wrote to my dad to tell him how she felt after they had an argument. It was hillarious but cute. But, it so remind me of myself. Now, I know why.

Some say, a face-to-face confrontation is the most effective medium to settle a conflict. But, yeah, it does work in certain way. Still, I express myself best in writing. It is a medium that allows me to sort out what I want to say without feeling an ounce of regret. So, when I am upset, I write. Not a page. But pages of what I feel. When I am happy, I write too. When I want to share any information that I might have, I write. And, to date, I already have four blogs: two book reviews, an e-novel and a column.

My friends are more than confused to keep track with the blogs I have but I find blogging is such an amazing technology for a writer like me. I can write and write in here without having to worry about the technicalities of keeping the site afloat ( if you know what I mean). And, being able to write in here allows me to share what I feel about life.

-Carrie Writes-


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