Entry: Welcome to the World of Blogging - Nothing New Jun 25, 2007

Blogging is a phenomena. It hits the world like crazy - turning quite a high number of the inhabitants into avid bloggers. Before the blog technology ever came to the picture, only programmers had the luxury of building their own web site. I remembered taking a Management Information Science class and had to develop my own website using the very basic HTML. I struggled like a mad woman because I am and still not a techie. I like technology but I'm not a technology person. So, I had to turn to my best friend who helped me out with my lame website just to pass the class.

I first encountered the blog world when I bumped into an ex-colleague's blog. He is a programmer and he did wonders to his website. The website gathered a group of loyal followers who left comments on the daily entries. He is definitely a good writer. Good for him that because of his blog, he changed career and became someone important in a well-known organization. What amazed me then was even a layman like me could build a blog. A blog where I could write anything that I wanted.

I started with a personal blog. And wrote everyday. If I compiled it, it could probably become a book. But, what I liked most, it sharpened my writing skills and helped me in my work. Yet, blog does not come only with the advantages. The disadvantage of having a blog is someone who knows you in person might bump into it. It is a risk you have to take as you publish your content online. And, along that line, you are given the license to the web surfers to read your thoughts ....online. So, you can't charge or sue them for libel.

But, what if, the person who knows you personally uses the content against you ? Or he or she becomes fanatically attached to what you write ? Anything is possible in the blogging world. It is full with copycats and wannabes who want to be associated with famous or prominent bloggers online in some way. In the virtual world, people expose the other side of them that we would never see in the real-time situation. Ironic, isn't it ?

I had some bad experience in blogging prior to the ones I have right now. True, not everyone will agree with what I write or review but it's okay. In the virtual environment, we all have  freedom of expressions.

I saw this cynical sign plastered on the back of a MyVie. I like it. But , for this entry I would adjust it accordingly. Have a nice day.

"If you don't like my writing, dial 1-800-WHO-CARES".

No one can let you down without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt.

-Carrie Writes-


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