mirzareen » mengapa tidak carrie cuba buat ulasan novel buku prima? I ada baca novel SETULUS IMPIAN, SARA KITANA and the latest is BILA HATI BERBICARA. Sememangnya plot dan intipatinya menarik, x jemu baca.
aina suraya » u are such a great reader...byknye buku yg u dah baca...
aina suraya » hi carrier...just sent u an email just now...1st time go through ur blog and i find its very interesting..
Sessemi » Think I shud thk u, if u hdn't reviewd Tanah And by NSuraya, wud not hv rediscovered NSuraya.
Sessemi » It is this differences that makes life more interesting.
carriekirana » sessemi, well..we all dont share the same views on the same thing - im just writing to share wat i feel.
sessemi » O! like to add been, meaning to catch that movie,Cinta. Maybe as always, I'd buy the VCD.
sessemi » Just to let you know I surf your review on Malay novels. I like the way you write your review. Though I did not share some of your thts. Thanks anyway.
carriekirana » hi sessemi, thnks for dropping by. Err..which blog did u surf?
sessemi » thought I'd write in to say Hi! I haven't been surfing your blog for sometime, anyway glad to see that your are at it again. Thanks!